Plant immune protein ( 阿….太灵了)

The world’s first plant immune protein biopesticide – Atailing (6% oligosaccharide wettable powder), which is developed by the Institute of Plant Protection of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, produced by Beijing Zhongbao Lvnong Science Ltd, has been successfully launched in China. The active ingredient of ATaiLing is a microbial protein elicitor which could induce the plant resistance. Through large-scale fermentation processes and biological preparation, scientists in IPP developed the wettable powder protein pesticide ATaiLing.

Viruses of plant cause great damage, being difficult to be controlled and would result in a serious impact to agricultural industry. Atailing’s active ingredients are of highly active heat stabilized protein as derived from alternaria tenuis which enhances plant immunity, added with the synergistic factor oligosaccharins to prevent and control various plant viruses and bacterial diseases while being environment-friendly.

Atailing inhibits virus genetic expression and restores breach of plant. In the meantime, Atailing stimulates plant’s in-vivo genetic expression, induces plant’s multiple defensive reaction against insect pest. The formulation is effective against rice stripe disease, tomato yellow leaf curl virus, tobacco mosaic disease.



調節生長,增加產量。含有豐富的C、N等營養物質,可被微生物分解利用並作為植物生長的養份,葉綠素提高15%以上,根系發達,促進植物生長,有效提高作物產量和品質。番茄增產15%以上,葉菜類增產20%,水稻增產18%,茶葉增產30%-40%,韭黃增產25%,甘蔗增產20% 。










About Plant Immune Protein ( 阿….太灵了)

1. 2014年正式進入市場
2. 2015年在中国植物保护市场上荣登畅销的生物农药品牌第一名.
3. 2016年11月24日,第二届安全科学用药用肥减施增效示范企业评选颁奖典礼在南京召开。中保集团创制型植物免疫蛋白质生物农药——“阿泰灵”(6%寡糖·链蛋白)荣获2016年度新优特植保产品奖. … 之后2016年12月…..产品价格急剧上涨.


Standard packing available ….
15gm…… RM4.5

WhatsApp  : Tee … 012-323 1161


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