Cultivated 人工培育

Agarwood plantations are common all throughout South East asia today. In Malaysia,  oil production of plantation Agarwood is being produced. Our Oud comes from the species Aquilaria sub-integra, and is plantation grown in Malaysia, an area originally known to have an abundance of naturally occurring agarwood trees. By purchasing agarwood oil from cultivated trees, we help reduce damage to the last remaining wild agarwood trees, and to the forests in which the precious agarwood trees grow.

A sustainable oil at a very affordable price, with monthly production 2~3 liters.

Cultivated oil

Sustainable cultivated oil

Price : 8,500 USD per Liter 

Source of wood  :  Malaysia Sub-integra

Distillation        :        Steam

WhatsApp :  00 – 6 – 012-323 1161  (Tee)



1 Response to Cultivated 人工培育

  1. Andy says:

    Hi bro I am staying in Singapore. Interested in getting some cultivated agar wood oil as well as some of your end product to try. Can we chat a bit more at my email?


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