Formulation  : Wettable granules

Type  :  Contact / Systemic / Translaminar

IRAC  :  4A

Ovicidal  : Yes / No

Target Pests : Thrips, Whiteflies, Caterpillars

Speed of Action : Fast / Medium / Slow

Mode Of Action : Biochemistry Agonist of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, affecting the synapses in the insect central nervous system. Mode of action Systemic insecticide with translaminar activity and with contact and stomach action. In 4A group, it delivers extended residual control that stay much longer to break down in sunlight. Uses Control of Hemiptera, especially aphids, Thysanoptera and Lepidoptera, by soil and foliar application, on a wide range of crops, especially vegetables, fruit and tea.

Recommended application : ?

Recommended dosage  : 3gm /20 liters