Its active ingredient Matrine (苦参碱). Conventional pesticides are synthetic chemicals (or agrochemicals). They generally work by directly killing or inactivating pests. Biopesticides, on the other hand, are naturally occurring bioactive organisms or substances.Biopesticides may directly kill harmful organisms, or they may work indirectly by interfering with reproduction or simply repelling pests with substances they don’t like. Most biopesticides do not provide a “quick kill”, but rather suppress pests so that they can be managed over time. They also tend to decompose quickly and leave fewer residues on food and in the environment.
BiopesticidePlant extract containing insecticidal and fungicidal substances is a great source of the biopesticides due to fewer burdens on human health and sustainable agricultural environment.
Phyto pesticide use in agriculture actually refers to the material extracted from herbs extract. In recent years, it is widely used in agriculture, good preventative effect, low toxicity, low-residue, green protection to environment pesticides.
Phyto-E is a biopesticide with broad-spectrum to pest control.

Insecticidal activity
Phyto-E exerts its function mainly by contact. It also acts as stomach poison.
Bactericidal activity
Phyto-E can inhibit fungus, bacterium and virus.

Stimulate plant growth
Phyto-E contain amino acids, fatty acids and other substances which can stimulate and regulate the growth of crops.

As the characteristics of biological pesticides :
It is a botanical pesticide, with specific and natural characteristics, only have an effect on the specific organism, this product easily decompose in nature.

Multiple phyto substances within the product, hence long term application will not induce resistance easily.

Control target:
Aphids, cabbage worm, diamondback moth, spider mites, planthoppers, Whitefly, leafhoppers, thrips, termites, mealybugs etc.

0.3 ~ 0.5ml / Liter ( 3X Higher concentration than the previous product )

Standard packing :
100ml , 500ml , 1000ml

Precautions :
Avoid mixed with alkaline substances.
Avoid high temperature, moisture and direct sunlight in storage.

Standard packing available ….
100ml …… RM30
500ml ……. RM120
1000ml …… RM220

WhatsApp  : Tee … 012-323 1161


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