Extraction method vs compound

Different extraction methods affect the yield and chemical compounds of agarwood
oil. Hydrodistillation, Soxhlet and accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) methods were studied for their extraction yields and percentages of five specific chemical compounds.
extraction method
Agarwood oils extraction rate via the three different methods revealed that ..
  • ASE                          2.12%
  • Soxhlet                    1.67%
  • hydrodistillation   0.18%
and percentage of chemical compounds was highest in agarwood oil extracted using
  • ASE                          21.60%
  • Soxhlet                    9.51%
  • hydrodistillation   5.08%
ASE and Soxhlet methods were able to extract all five compounds (3phenyl-2-butanone, α-guaiene,α-agarofuran, 10-epi-γ-eudesmol and agarospirol) compared with hydrodistillation method that only had three compounds in the oil (α-agarofuran, 10-epi-γ-eudesmol and agarospirol). ASE had the highest percentage of total chemical compounds in gaharu oil. Of the three methods tested, ASE could reduce extraction time, making it a practical method compared with Soxhlet and hydrodistillation.


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source : FRIM

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