Kynam Plantation

Kynam plantation ..

Why do you use past knowledge to do tomorrow?

Why do you use last century’s concept to do new century’s business?

A ship sinks, it does NOT mean to be sunk. It is a submarine.

Kynam is a supreme grade in agarwood industry, and a species proven to be artificially cultivated as well.

We were told … “Research showed that native agarwood tree should be minimum 12 years old before artificial induction, this is because the resin duct system of the tree would have been mature by then.” Anything harvested earlier than that … is considered premature harvesting which ends up to be low quality product.

This statement is true if we were to apply on traditional species of agarwood. New happening is happening in agarwood industry, we should NOT anchor the “Past knowledge to do tomorrow’s business”.

The emergence of digital world has made many traditional businesses in buried. Kynam (self-inoculation) species will eventually replace the native agarwood business. Matter of time, man-made inoculation technology will find its graveyard to rest in peace or better yet in pieces.

This is Kynam … something difficult to explain by words if you have not explored it personally.

The following videos show that majority of the kynam trees were mechanically stressed at the age of 3 years and 1.5 ~2 years agglutinating time prior to harvest.


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  1. Rajeshwar Dayal says:

    I a farmer and want to buy 50 fresh, healthy and best quality seeds with good germination percentage at New Delhi (India). My farming land is located in foothills at Himalayan State of Uttarakhand (INDIA). Please tell me the name and email of Agarwood seed-sellers

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