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Kynam Plantation

Kynam plantation .. Why do you use past knowledge to do tomorrow? 为什么还要用过去的知识来做明天的事? Why do you use last century’s concept to do new century’s business? 为什么总是用上世纪的观念来做本世纪的生意? A ship sinks, it does NOT mean to be sunk. It is a submarine. … Continue reading

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Inoculant recipe

Knowledge plays a part in everything we do. It can help you make better decisions, take better care of your agarwood plantation and much more. Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” He knew the … Continue reading

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Bamboo stick inoculation

Bamboo stick costs USD0.005/ piece, what so special about bamboo stick, then ? Go to shop/market and buy bamboo chopsticks, then dip into any liquid/inoculant you are comfortable which you think will eventually produce Agarwood, simple is that. When bamboo … Continue reading

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Articial fire method

I received many requests from gaharujinkou readers about inoculants, today i want to share with you a natural method to produce natural agarwood ….. it is to burn the live agarwood tree with a large fire, forcing the agarwood tree … Continue reading

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How to germinate gaharu seeds

For those who are interested to germinate gaharu seeds, following guidance may be helpful … top

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Plant growth regulators and simulatants

Welcome to the revolution! All plants regulate their growth, development, and behavior by Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) Hormones, which in most cases move through the plant from one part to another. Fertilizer provides fuel for plants to grow, but doesn’t … Continue reading

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Asia Plantation Capital Opens South East Asia’s Largest Agarwood Processing Factory in Malaysia

SINGAPORE, March 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Asia Plantation Capital announces the opening of its new, purpose-built Agarwood (gaharu) factory and research centre, located in Johor, Malaysia. A mere 20 minutes drive from the Causeway link to Singapore, the town of … Continue reading

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