perspective vs realityPerception Vs reality !! Anyone who is interested venturing into agarwood business, your very first investment is to attend any workshops or study tour organized by government bodies or private sector, getting proper knowledge to counter balance your impulse decision.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, help you for better decision

Whatever information written in this blog is for free, but my service / consultation is NOT.

  • In search of knowledge for Agarwood?
  • Going to start a agar farm in your country?
  • Looking for a study tour about Agarwood in Malaysia?

For someone who is a newbie to agarwood wondering from planting, inoculation upto harvesting … Malaysia is a safe country for you to move around.

Following is the proposed program to cater general needs unless otherwise specifically requested and this program is designed SELECTIVELY to those Agarwood interested participants only. Shorter study tour can be customized to your needs. After all, this is NOT a shopping trip, please leave your loved ones at home.

In an event of unforeseen circumstances, a planned event cannot be executed, then a similar program will be arranged instead.

study trip

At the end of the tour, participants should be able to

  • differentiate between “Wild wood” and “Cultivated wood”, so that you won’t be fooled in the future
  • identify a tree if it is an Aquilaria species
  • understanding how agarwood is harvested and processed
  • manage your own farm confidently
  • free online access to Q and A with “admin

Where to stay .. “Hotel / food

What to bring home .. “freebies

Payment …

  • Initial 50%, deposit for booking ( to affirm availability of planned events )
  • Balance 50%, upon your landing in Malaysia
  • Please to have the bookings made at least 18 days in advance to minimize disappointment.
  • Option of hotels nearer to the visiting site, to be chosen by participants.

Payment option ..

1. Paypal e-mail …. tshinkou@gmail dot com

2. Bank transfer

Whatsapp me …

Tee … + 6  012  323 1161

7 Responses to Malaysia

  1. Panfilo M. Lutero Jr. says:

    How much it will cost for a participant to this 3D2N Study Trip? I am from Philippines?

  2. jun lutero says:

    What is your scheduled study trip?

  3. jun lutero says:

    I am interested to learn more about agarwood directly from your and your plantation. The processes including from panting, inoculation and harvesting, and latest technology on inoculation Do you have a scheduled study trip next year maybe March or April? If there is, I would like to know the itineraries of the activities and the cost so I could make a plan for it. Thanks.

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