Cultivated 人工培育

The high prices for agarwood and the local depletion of resources in the wild have led to a variety of efforts to stimulate the growth of agarwood. Methods to cultivated agarwood have been developed and it can now be produced in a sustainable way in plantation grown trees. The products shown are 100% cultivated Agarwood.

Agarwood chips

A … Inoculation method : Inducement  ..  Result from Bamboo stick..

Agarwood chips

B … Inoculation method : Inducement  ..  Result from Bamboo stick..

If you are looking for cultivated wood ……..

Cultivated wood

C … Inoculation method : Infusion  ..  18-month cultivated wood


D … Inoculation method : Infusion .. Tubular shape (管形)


E … Inoculation method : Infusion  ..  Thin plate 1~2mm ( 片 )


F1 … Inoculation method : Infusion .. Thin plate 1~2mm ( 薄片 )


F2 … Inoculation method : Infusion .. Thin plate 1~2mm ( 薄片 )


G … Inoculation method : Knocking by nail


H … Inoculation method : Infusion .. Large piece


J … Inoculation method : Infusion .. Large piece .. ~2mm

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8 Responses to Cultivated 人工培育

  1. Sree says:

    Mr. Tee, i would like to know how much the end product can be sold, example we are cultivating sinesis breed, after innoculation about 2 years we can harvest it…….. but what it the average price it can fetch, i just want to do some profit-loss projection before starting so that i have a rough idea of what is going to be the returns……

    • tshinkou says:

      You have to consult the expert in Agarwood trader, i am not in the right position to answer this problem.
      Cultivated woods will never challenge with natural wild woods as long as the latter ones are still available,
      so longer you keep the trees higher the quality of woods. Natual woods are too much harder to find day by day.

  2. Alice says:

    Send me some sample

  3. Turky says:

    Hello Mr. Tee


    • tshinkou says:

      Are you referring to liquid inoculation, there are number of inoculation operators in the market improving thier formula from time to time, the main issue is not on the inoculation, but …i think cultivated wood has yet to find its commercial market in certain countries.

      • Turky says:

        Yes I am referring to liquid inoculation.
        Agar-Wit is a chineese patent more advanced than thr KA kit in terms of yield and agarwood quality .

        I agree with your point regarding the commercial markert for cultivated wood.

  4. Lovin George says:

    Sir, I am from South India where agar wood cultivation is in its beginning stages, many people I know are willing to come forward with agar cultivation due to the consistently low rubber prices for the past few years. The only question that is bothering people here and also myself is the “quality of cultivated agarwood” Does it come anywhere near the naturally derived agarwood in quality? Also what would be the current approximate price difference between cultivated and naturally derived agarwood ?

    • tshinkou says:

      There is a BIG difference between …..cultivated and natural wood.
      The market for cultivated chips is relatively small compared to natural ones.
      Cultivated chips carry with a “pungent smell” where it defeats the purpose for burning,
      natural chips give very nice and sweet aroma.
      Unless there is new product development for cultivated wood,i hope, someday business oppurtunity will knock the door.

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