Seed of aquilaria

Aquilaria will fruit when reaching 3 years old
These fruits normally would have 2 seeds. When the fruit splits,
the seeds will be scattered by the wind, hence the difficulty in their collecting.
Seeds of Aquilaria
4000~5000 seeds / Kg

(0.2 ~ 0.34g / seed)

Improving seed viability

Seeds can be stored in a refrigerator for 2 months. (Normally seeds start to lose their germination capacity within one week.)
Germination rate 80~90% within one week. This indicates that the seed storage of Aquilaria is very difficult and should be sourced from very reliable supplier.

Below table shows some of the factors against germination rate

Species Storage temperature Germination rate after 2 months
A. Malaccensis 10 ~ 12°C 80%
A. Crassna 10 ~ 20°C 55 ~ 60%

Hence, some experienced suppliers keep the seed for longer storage in controlled environment, but this is not considered as “fresh seeds”. The germination is very much reduced as shown above. Being a wise buyer, you should know when is the harvesting season ending, so that you will judge the supply is “fresh” or “frozen”.


Seeds of Aquilaria Malaccensis

Aquilaria seed

The tail of the seed faces up, not the other way.

How to “germinate aquilaria seeds


69 Responses to Seed of aquilaria

  1. oliver conda says:

    Good Day sir! is it alright to ask for tips on how to germinate the seeds? thank you

  2. Mosharaf Husain says:

    how i could buy fresh Seeds of Aquilaria Malaccensis 500 grams to 1 kg by EMS to Bangladesh address? Please advuce. I need a source in Malaysia or Thailand.

  3. Mosharaf Husain says:

    i bought 5 small plant from Sylhet. Can not understand species. Can you identify from photo? I can send photo to you by email.( ). I have few subintegra. I wish to collect Malaccensis also. We had discussion about this before with email. Is there any way to get seedling of Malaccensis here in Bangladesh

  4. ibu bella says:

    May I get contact of known reliable fresh agarwood subintegra seeds?
    I want it to be srnt to Jakarta, Indonesia…
    Ibu Bella

  5. Mosharaf says:

    Last year i brought fresh seeds from Thailand. But it is expensive to be delivered by EMS and must be use within 15 days from their shipment date. Earlier is better. There were lot of seedlings germinated but due to my fault only 22 seedling survived. Need much care about water and sunlight/temperature. may contact me by email (

  6. Mosharaf says:

    There are plenty of trees in Sri Mangal (a city of sylhet division). I visit a distillation plant last December. Saw their inducement procedure (mechanical), which does not produce good resin. I decide to buy few trees but before that i need some experience about inducement using regarent/ or our stick. However if you can send me by mail..

  7. kumara says:

    i need fresh seeds,i m from sri lanka

    • tshinkou says:

      unable to supply to sri lanka …sorry

    • Ibu Bella says:

      I wonder I received this reply email.But I am very disappointed,  because I ordered agarwood fresh seed to be delivered to Jakarta,  I paid in full,  but nothing happened afterwards. I don’t where is my money going, ,very disappointed… Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  8. mansoor says:

    I have rcvd seeds from Germany and in last ten days I have placed them in Coco peat, it is Mid/ end of March. Plz advice if they shall germinate any sooner or later. I may be first person to experience them in South Pakistan.

  9. Priyantha says:

    Now i am in Abu Dhabi.I am Sri Lankan & I want to buy 500 seeds to carry to Sri Lanka.Please explain to me that How i pay for make order Agarwood Seeds.Thanks.

  10. mustaffa says:

    How much the price/kg

  11. piyus says:

    how i could buy fresh Seeds of Aquilaria Malaccensis or subinetegra or crassna 500 grams to 1 kg by EMS to indian address? Please .is it available in india?
    I need a source in Malaysia or Thailand.

  12. Francis says:

    Hi, do you know where I can buy malacensis spesis samplings around 2 1/2 to 3 feet? I need more than 10,000 trees. Planting site southern part of Malaysia. Thks

  13. Edwin Ng says:

    hi ! i am edwin can i buy and collect in johor ?
    please reply yhank you

  14. vasiliy says:

    hi tshinkou ı m from turkey ı would like buy seed of agarwood can you give me progress of delivering ..and in which month we should plant it so on and so forth can you make me clarify about this issue generally

  15. Cyril says:

    Hi tshinkou,
    Is it possible to get 1 small plant or a few fresh seeds of aquilaria malaccensis to France?



  16. Edwin Ng says:

    i wanted to purchase 1 kg of agar wood seeds,

  17. tshinkou says:

    oh ..sorry ..unable to supply 1Kg

  18. nabil Ahmad says:

    We would like to buy agar seeds for planting. Pls give us your price quotations.

  19. Kalai Mani says:

    Agarwood seeds collected on june2017 can be effective for germination….. can we get good germination rate…!!

  20. Nalaka says:

    I want to the aquilaria seeds bay ebay

  21. Rajendra Pimple says:

    I have agar wood seeds ,

  22. Paul Hitamoore says:

    I need 5kgs of Agarwood Seeds 2018. I am trying to do a nursery of these seeds.

    I am from Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby

  23. Aramijaya sdn bhd says:

    Hi, do you supply seed for aquilaria carassna, malaccencis and subintegra?

  24. Inia Rarawa says:

    Interested in agarwood seeds

  25. Moniah says:

    Hello Siri can I order the seeds? do you have it ?

  26. NETHAJI says:

    I want to buy 2000 seeds of agarwood
    Telangana, India.

  27. I want to buy 2kgs aquilaria crassna or aquilaria malaccensis if available. How much is the price per kg including shipping cost until my address. Than you!

  28. Chester Tabasa says:

    I want to buy seeds, im frm the philippines

  29. I would like to older the see of Aquilaria malaccensis , please let me know the details of it and how i can get the seeds.

  30. Hassan says:

    Hi i would like to buy 50 fresh agarwood seeds please advise
    From where and how?

  31. I’m interested in Agarwood Seed Aquilaria variety.
    Send me Details of the Agarwood making nursery & tree protection
    How can I Partech our seed ?
    We required Agarwood Seed within fruit covers fresh fruits seed.
    What are you providing me ?
    Dr Sharif Maqbool Mehar

  32. Ellen G. Paulo says:

    Do you sell agarwood seeds?

  33. AKHTAR NATT says:


  34. Abdullah Khan kakar says:

    Sir I am interested in Agarwood seed plz contact me

  35. Faleel says:

    Aquilaria agalocha or any agar wood seeds

  36. Mohammed tayyab Hussain says:

    What kind of fungicide formula is recommended dear

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