Planting Distance

The small-scale growers paid attention to utilizing their farmlands more effectively and maximally. Thus, the planting patterns of Aquilaria crassna among small-scale or medium- scale growers were more diverse than those of large-scale growers from the field observations. The planting distance of Aquilaria crassna for small- or medium-scale growers (1.5 x 1.5 m or 2 x 2 m) was narrower than that from technical recommendations (2 m x 4m). The strategies for small or medium scale farmers were exactly how Aquilaria crassna should be intervened for increasing their total production as much as the maintenance of the existing production. These strategies were derived from the background of their limitations in capital and land resources. Hence, the small- or medium- scale growers can be clients of Aquilaria crassna and Hevea brasiliensis agroforestry systems.

What is the suitable planting distance ?

Aquilaria crassna is native to Thailand, a study was done in Trat, Thailand in 2002, detail please refer to

The total basal area per hectare was 24.94, 21.44 and 17.38 m2 per hectare in 2x2m, 2x4m and 4x4m in descending order.

The average height at the lower living branch was 1.57, 1.14 and 0.68 meter in 2x2m, 2x4m and 4x4m in descending order.
The average number of Aquilaria crassna stem per tree was, 2.32, and 3.79 in  2x2m, and 4x4m, respectively.This indicates higher planting distance will result multiple stems in the trees. The competition of capturing sunlight which caused the stem of Aquilaria crassna to be straight and single and reduced the shooting chances under the shade.

The number of fruiting trees and average seedling production in cultivated farm was 4x4m, 2x4m, and 2x2m in descending order. The number of fruiting trees and average seedling production was declining with the decreasing in the planting distance.

Therefore, by summary, the recommended planting distance for Aquilaria crassna pure stand is

  • 2m x 2m  will result basal area increment ( per planting area given )
  • 2m x 4m  will result optimal individual growth
  • 4m x 4m will result multiple stems

You, as a Aquilaria grower have to decide the optimum planting distance to suit your goal, to sell woodchips, oil or leafs ??


9 Responses to Planting Distance

  1. Vinoj says:

    Are these distances are suitable for Aquilaria Subintegra?

  2. Chendhra Shekar says:

    Iam planting for agar wood oodh which distance for right distance

  3. Alan de Gracia says:

    If i prefer to plant AQUILARIA CUMINGIANA in 2 x 2 meters between each other. How many tree would be planted in one hectare. I’m from the Philippines, pls guide us. Thank you. More power. God bless.

  4. Love to plant agarwood but i have no enough knowledge how. I keep on browsing on line to get information. May i asked you what do you mean by
    Inoculation or induction. Why need to bore the plants what it is for?

    • Ken Antinii says:

      Agarwood is a resinous substance secreted by the Aquileria tree spp in response to injury or infection.In natural forest environment this injury is often aggravated by fungal organisms. In Aquilaria farms where trees are grown, artificial injury or infection with appropriate microbes is done- this process is called “ inoculation” or “induction”. Without this, the Aquilaria tree will not produce Agarwood! Agarwood actually develops in the “heartwood” of Aquilaeria trees from which wood chips and oil (oud) are extracted for use as ingredients in expensive perfumes and cosmetics or expensive incense sticks or powder.

  5. Henry Vue says:

    Is 2.5 metre spacing good for the eagle wood? I am planting eaglwood but still confused how long it takes to be harvested. Need a better arrangements and agreements in advance for my eaglewood and balsa because I am planting balsa too. Your help is greatly appreciated to whom concern.

  6. Henry Vue says:

    More knowledge on eagle wood how to harvest, its management,etc.

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