Multi-stage inoculation

U may ask …

  • Why should i apply multi-stage inoculation ?
  • How to maximize the yield (cultivated wood) for a given inoculant ?

multi stage

The sugars (food) are made in the leaves as a product of photosynthesis. To get the food made in the leaves to other parts of the growing plant requires energy.

A plant needs more energy to deliver food to grow new roots at the bottom in comparison to deliver food to tasty apple developing on a high branch.

Therefore, if the injury load increases at TOP side, the amount of sugars (food) supplied to the BOTTOM side declines. The developing injury at TOP side are much stronger sink for sugar than are the BOTTOM. As a result, resinous wood is reduced progressively at the bottom side.

Telephone did not come into existence from the persistent improvement of the postcard.” Be creative while inventing idea, think logically, applying this classroom knowledge in the field, producing Super grade cultivated agarwood is NOT a joke.


So, the idea to inoculate from the lower level to higher level in stages is to allow earlier resinous formation at the lower side, eliminating competition in food distribution and continuous stress when applying multi-stage inoculation. U may require to perform at least 2X, better still 3X … 4X, yes it is labour intensive, don’t “Curi Ayam” (cut corner).

Following is the recommended multi-stage inducement method for Bamboo stick application …

multistage inoculation.jpg

There are many ways to go to ROME, U choose the most optimization way to suit U.
The other purpose of Multi-stage inoculation is minimizing of “RECOVERY“.


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