Root coiling

Root coiled happen when seedlings are kept too long in the nursery, the roots find no way to expand their way downwards in the limited area, eventually the roots coiled. In order to reduce the mortality rate, seedlings are ready to transplanting into ground when achieving 60~90cm height. Older seedlings might not be good due to root coiling in the confined polybag if polybag is not big enough.

Root coiling tree should be avoided

What will happen if root coiled seedlings are ignored and planted !!

Tree growth will be stunted, unhealthy and easily fall along its growing stage few years down the road. Many of us have experienced this problem due to lack of explosure.

Countermeasure :

So, avoid buying seedlings …

  • with small polybag
  • older seedling 120cm and above ( although special offer @ 50% because the risk is higher )


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  1. Sham says:

    Very good tips. Thanks…

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