Lot 1560, Kampong Batang Benar,
71700 Mantin, Negeri Sembilan.GPS coordination,
N2.863591, E101.831714


8 Responses to Location

  1. Ong says:

    Hi Mr. Tee,
    I Ong where we just spoke. Appreciate our conversation which was very infomative.
    Please update me on any new developments.

  2. Manogaran says:

    i need some info on agar wood planting….i getting a 3 acre land near Kalumpang.

  3. Choo KS says:

    Mr Tee
    Do you sell a small bottle of Kynam oil? I heard so much about it. Would like to try the aroma of the oil. Thank you.

  4. Leishangthem Tomba says:

    Hi i am really interested agar wood inoculation please guide me how success

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