A problem that may be faced by some growersAgarwood, armyworm of agarwood, attacked by armyworm or scientifically known as Atteva Sciodoxa. Armyworm, a leaf-eating caterpillar is considered to be the most destructive pest causing damage by complete defoliation of agar plantations. The intensity of attack can cause death of well-grown trees due to complete defoliation.

Agarwood, armyworm

Armyworm attack on agar tree

I have not encountered armyworm attack on my agar trees although they were planted side by side with chili  in the same farm. Major attack did happen to my chili fertigation, completely destructive where i ended the chili harvest in 100 days.

Agarwood, armyworm

Armyworm attack on chili fertigation 12/03/12

Agarwood, armyworm

Countermeasure :

1. Apply chemical pesticide having active ingredient such as

  • Carbosulfan
  • Fipronil
  • Emamectin benzoate
  • Cartap hydrochloride
  • Lufenuron

to be applied accordingly to label instruction.

2. Apply organic pesticide such as Neem oil, active ingredient Azadirachtin integrated with Beauveria bassiana for effective control, or biopesticide such as Phyto-E.

3. Severe infected tree should be treated with an extra dose of nitrogen (fertilizer).


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