Resin formation

Sample of kynam formation at young age ..

Eventhough native agarwood cultivation has been a long time, the trees to become mature needs to be longer than 5 years (ideally 10 years), and agglutinating time is more than 2 years, nevertheless nonetheless the oil content of the resin is low, which unable to meet the market demand particularly on its quality if meant to be Arab chips, hence agarwood growers ultimately turn the inoculated harvest into oil.

Kynam tree can produce resin from an early age; once the tree body physiological system is stimulated by the natural environment or has direct external injury; the tree body will inevitably begin to produce Kynam-xiang in the wound. It belongs to “有樹必然結香”













Because the conventional artificially-grown agarwood seemed very general in the past, it could not be compared with natural wild agarwood at all.


Therefore, at first, it was not expected that Kynam artificially grafted would have such quality. But that’s the truth, technically almost all current kynam in the market is “cultivated kynam“, yes i mean “cultivated kynam, all that you can get or buy is “cultivated kynam“, you can’t sell it as (REAL) if you mean wild by real. 

In fact, for consumers in mass production, the most important thing is high quality, and low in price. Hence, Kynam cultivation will be the next planting trend.

” … get a high quality “cultivated kynam” 5 years or more, try it and smell it and enjoy it rather than just arguing and talking about wild and ancient kynam without having a clue how it smells or what it is like to burn it on a slow low heat electrical burner with a cup of Chinese tea or some real good coffee .. kynam by itself is pale in color, lessor resin but rich in oil content, paler appearance doesn’t NOT mean lower quality which many people misjudge . Is also true since most the criticizers had no idea how a wild or cultivated kynam looks like, just base on script !! Some people argue for the sake of argument only, too hard to reach a result.


Following video shows result of … 5 years planting + 1 year holes drilling

Dinosaur bone of plantation kynam ..

Next reading in sequence … “ Kynam seedling

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