Many uses

Application of Agarwood Products:-

– Cosmetics Industry: It is commonly used in the day to day cosmetics products including soaps, candles, incenses, toiletries, cosmetics, perfume, & flavorings etc.

Benefit of Agarwood Tea

  • Strengthen the heart  加强心脏
  • Reduce Blood Sugar  降低血糖
  • Reduce Blood Pressure  降低血压
  • Improve Sleep  改善睡眠
  • Beauty  美容养颜
  • Eliminate Constipation  消除便秘
  • Degreasing  脱脂
  • Good Aphrodisiac  壮阳
  • Eliminate Flatulence  消除胀气
  • Eliminate state of being drunk  消除醉酒状态
  • Eliminate Asthma  消除哮喘

– Alternative Medicine: Some of the alternative medicines like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Vietnamese Medicine, Tibetan medicine, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Aphrodisiac & Efficacious sedatives have been seen using Agarwood for years.

  • Drip a small drop of Agarwood oil onto hand and behind ears and wrist as with perfumes.
  • Drip a small drop of Agarwood oil onto pillow to have a peaceful and relaxed sleep.
  • Drip Agarwood oil onto aromatherapy stones/ diffusers to enjoy the holy scent. Do not apply too high heating temperature.

– Indoor Air Quality & fumigation purpose: Agarwood based revitalizing solutions help us improve the indoor air quality and leads to fumigation.

– Religious occasions & Spiritualism: The sweet fragrance of Agarwood encourages Hindus, Muslims, and Christians & Buddhists alike to use them in religious occasions, yoga & Deep meditation.

– 阳宅风水在于“阴阳调和”;所谓阴阳相见,福福永祯,万物化生。沉香相纯阳,味能通三界;用于风水能冲阴合阳而后成化生机,如太极之理可品语化机之妙。以沉香之阳与周围自然环境相呼应生,清静家宅,令阴不生聚;顾守家园聚气生财,助旺磁场,能驱蚊蚋使居者健康增添福寿;置于庭院能接宇宙天地灵气;置于职场能远小人生权贵名禄;摆放客厅能促进家庭和谐融洽;用于坛场可使法喜充满正气缭绕。佛道基督天主回教经典清楚记载,以沉香之味、油可制煞驱魔、消一切罪业、了累世因果业障;或雕神像或制法器或清静供养,其功德非比寻常。是故沉香的生旺之气,非一般植物或水晶摆饰可以比拟。能遇而得者,乃运将开转、业将消散这象征,实是功德圆满也。


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