Species growth comparison

The following pictures, they will tell which species to choose for fastest growth, since inoculation is size dependent. The bigger the tree trunk within a given time, the earlier inculation can be carried on, that is the shorter time for harvest.


Sinensis — Planted Aug 2011, photo taken Aug 2013

Sub integra

Sub integra — Planted Sept 2011, photo taken Aug 2013


Malaccensis — Planted Sept 2011, photo taken Aug 2013


Hirta — Planted Nov 2011, photo taken Aug 2013

3 seedlings of species Crassna were planted when i made the puchased from nursery, however i found out they were Malaccensis. From my observation and knowledges, crassna growth ranks  in between Sub integra and Malaccensis. This comparison does not represent quality of Agarwood to be harvested in due time.


2 Responses to Species growth comparison

  1. Benjamin Fuentes jr says:


    We are very interested in agarwood farming, in-dact i have 3300 saplings here in the philippines.

    Is it possible to visit your company to learn more about your technology regarding artificial inoculation?

    Thanks you!

    Please feel free to contact me

    • tshinkou says:

      Inoculation to agarwood is a wrong move in Agarwood industry, as i wrote “sat on the wrong car on wrong direction”.
      Something like, if i were to tell you i have a brand new digital camera for sale “usd10”, will you want to buy the digital camera??


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