Kynam propagation outside of Malaysia

Kynam origins from China. The propagation of Kynam had been successfully grown in Malaysia, highly possible some of them started as early as 2016. The best part of kynam, it is a miracle species simply requires NO man-made inoculant and yield supreme quality of resin. Yes, the initial investment cost is relatively high (USD 20~40 / seedling). But, you will NOT end up in paying the hidden cost of inoculation which may even be more expensive in the end.

There were constantly requests from Pakistan, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam, showing interest to cultivate Kynam in their beloved countries respectively. As far as Gaharujinkou is concerned, NO Kynam seedlings to be delivered overseas.

For those (Overseas) who is interested of getting Kynam propagation, please whatsapp Gaharujinkou @ +60123231161 (Malaysia) for other possible option.

Gaharujinkou Does NOT sell Kynam seedlings physically to overseas..

further reading … Kynam30Dec2019 ( Best view in Power point show )


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