Germinate gaharu seeds


General points ..

There are number of ways of doing germination, depending to each cultivators the convenient method to suit them. Following method was the way i ever did.


Naturally .. fruit splits

agarwood seeds

agarwood seeds

Soak seeds 4-5 hours into fungicide solution, then sowing them into germination bed for 2 reasons …

  • Seed priming to improve germination rate
  • Seed treatment for disease control

You may skip this process … but if you are lucky enough, the outcome is fatal in which the entire lot may be disease infected.


Importance of seeds treatment


Germinate the seed with sharp tail pointing upwards .. Use peatmoss as germination medium is the best

Day 9th ….. Seed start to crack …taproot start to emerge..

Day 9th ….. Seed start to crack …taproot start to emerge..


Day 9th .. Some grow faster .. Taproot emerges downwards 2.5cm ..


Day 12~18th .. Start to sprout above growing medium..


Day 12~19th .. Start to sprout above growing medium..


Day 12~19th .. Start to sprout above growing medium..


Day 20~26th .. Seedlings growing..


Day 20~26th .. Larger germination pot is suggested, the taproot is finding its way out of the confined pot, which is about 35cc in volume..

Transplant from germination pot to polybag has been reported to cause root damage inevitably, due to its root penetration as shown, therefore “Nursery bag is highly recommended to avoid such kind of problem.


Day 20~26th .. Use of non-woven nursery bag instead of germination tray is recommended..

Seeds collecting season is expected from month of

  • April to May ( Southern Malaysia )
  • July to 1st week August ( Central Malaysia )
  • November to December ( occasionally available )

Trading of Agarwood is under CITES regulations. No CITES documentations will be provided, seller holds no responsibility if the seeds are retained by the authority in importing country. WhatsApp me to confirm availability prior to placing order…

  • Only seeds of Aquilaria Sinensis is available.
  • Full payment 28 days upon seeds collection.
  • 3~5days the maximum from day of collection until delivery to buyer. Expecting a minimum of 50~70% germination rate.
  • Buyer collects the seeds personally in Malaysia to ensure FRESH seeds and hand carry home by air, seller will NOT entertain any transaction with air shipment.
  • This offer is NOT applied to Malaysian buyers.

Click to access factors-affecting-seed-germination-and-establishment-of-critically-endangeredaquilaria-malaccensis-thymelaeaceae.pdf


Seeds are no longer sold. Gaharujinkou will NOT be doing any trading with seeds.

 ( 7000 ~ 8000 seeds / kg )


Germination in bulk  :  clickGermination procedure(PowerPoint Show)


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  1. M.P.Ranjith says:

    I wants to buy agarwood seeds Give me details.

  2. Edwin Ng says:

    why most of the seeds i plant grow fungus n cannot grow eventually turn watery n died.

  3. tshinkou says:

    can be minimised …. by soaking into fungicide prior to planting…… or the seeds are NOT the fresh ones. … which could be caused by many factors, from the seeds collector to delivery.

  4. Edmond Chan says:

    Do you send to the Philippines? I’d like to try 30 seeds for $30. Tnx

  5. Maika Isikeli Ranitu says:


    What fungicide did you use and please explain mixture?
    Thank you.

  6. Jaypee says:

    What is sold and bought, the wood (meaning the tree has to be cut down) or the oil/resin only? Sorry for my ignorance but I’m confused because some sources say that even wood chips are highly valued. Others say that in agarwood plantations somehow the resin is extracted while the tree is kept alive.

  7. tshinkou says:

    Maturity for agarwood to be harvested is 12 years, no matter to produce oil or chips..

  8. Nicola Burrel says:

    Hi would like to buy Argwood seeds.

  9. Nanaba david akunvabey says:

    Am in Ghana ( Africa ) I need the seed to buy . How can I

  10. Nanaba david akunvabey says:

    I need seeds this is my number +13473851838

  11. Chhabi Magar says:

    hi i will like to buy agarwood seeds can you send me by post.

  12. Carlo says:

    I to buy seeds give details thanks

  13. Carlo says:

    I to buy seeds give details thanks

  14. sangam rai says:

    want to buy agarwood growing seeds

  15. Tofeeq Cheema says:

    want to buy agarwood seeds 3 kg

  16. M.N.SALEEM says:

    What is the price of a kilo of seeds.

  17. Jude Tissera says:

    I want to buy agrawood seeds to sri lanka now i am in singapore .when boaders open i can come and collect send me the detail Thanks

  18. Herath Noyel says:

    I need good quality seed

  19. Danilo alzola says:

    Can you elaborate on innoculation?

  20. zuhaahmed says:

    i need seeds can you supply pakistan???

  21. zuhaahmed says:

    Agarwood seed i need i am from pakistan

  22. Abdullah Khan kakar says:

    Thanks sir I read your information but I have some problem with seeds they produce white yellowish smut me n seed any treatment you sugeste

  23. Nancy says:

    Where I can buy agarwood seeds in Malaysia

  24. Laiq says:

    I want aquilaria sinensis seeds my whatsapp… 00447868723201

  25. N.P.Samarathunga says:

    Thanks for Sri lankan agarwood planters .

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