Transfusing method : Internal wounding

Target of inoculation  :  Oil / wood chips

Dosage  :  20 ~ 30ml / liter of wood

click here for volumetric chart

Inoculation distance :

Vertical  :  60cm  or  24″

Horizontal  :  10 ~ 15cm  or  4″ ~ 6″

Inoculation volume  :  100 ~ 200ml / hole

(NOT to exceed 250ml / hole to minimize rotten)

Recommended inoculation method  :  click Multi-stage”



Sub-branch … 5″ diameter ( 10-month inoculation )


At point of injection … inoculant 500ml / hole … substantially rotton wood is visible … this indicates many inoculant operators have shifted to multiple holes injection to minimize the rotten waste during  harvest


Layer of Agarwood formed


Layer of Agarwood formed


Resin formation is occuring 12″ above the point of injection


Closer view … 12″ above point of injection


Closer view … 12″ above point of injection


18″ above point of injection … Split into Y branches


Closer view … 18″ above point of injection


Closer view … 6″ below the injection point


Note : Inoculant is proven to induce resinous wood, but that doesn’t mean you may find the reasonably buyer. As of today, buyers are very selective to cultivated wood without inoculation.

WhatsApp  : Tee … 00 – 6 – 012 – 323 1161


6 Responses to Agar-WIT-635

  1. Saliya says:

    Do you have any possibility to ship this to srilanka or New Zealand

  2. Al hamsain says:

    What is the formula in making this agar-wit liquid ?

  3. Are you able to ship to Papua New Guinea?

  4. Can you ship to the Philippines

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