White Root Disease

The roots are attacked by White Root Disease , which can kill the seedling easily even after field planting.

white root diseaseWhite root disease is caused by pathogen called Rigidoporus microporus. This disease cause the existence of white rhizomorph thread that wrapping the roots, however cannot be seen due to position of roots deep in the soil. The clear indication of this disease are the existence of the fruiting body of Rigidoporus microporus which can be seen at the base of the Aquilaria trunk. 

Rigidoporus microporus

Fungi … Rigidoporus microporus

This pathogen also have wide range of host such as rubber, sentang, cocoa, fruit trees and others.

The way white root disease spreading is throught contact with an infected tree roots with healthy tree at adjacent or previous tree planted in that area. For example, there are some of Aquilaria plantations that are previously planted with rubber which have been attacked by white root disease, hence the possibility for the Aquilaria to get that disease is high.

Some of signs and symptoms that can be seen on Aquilaria tree effected to white root disease:

  • The leaves getting smaller
  • Sparse crown
  • The flower appear very early
  • Wilted leaves
  • The leaves become yellowish
  • Dieback
  • White rhizomorph on root surface

Treat it using a Triazole fungicide like Hexaconazole to cure the disease before planting it into the field. Tridemorph is an excellent choice to combat white root disease. Refer to “FRAC” for Triazole selection.


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