Slicing machine

This is a custom made machine … Slicing machine to cut log into small pieces, it is widely used in Thailand to facilitate the wood cutting process in Agarwood oil distillation.

Please download the following drawing .. 请下载以下图纸

There are 2- type of machines available, namely 2-knife and 4-knife

2-Knife Slicing Top view ( 頂視圖 )

2-Knife Slicing Front View ( 正视图 )

2-knife Slicing detail drawings ( machining and assembly)


4-Knife Slicing Top view ( 頂視圖 )

4-Knife Slicing Front View ( 正视图 )


Slicing machine

parting machine

Parting machine, to cut the log into smaller part

Specification ..

Power  :  2.2Kw ( 3Hp )

Cutting stroke  :  300mm

Cutter  :  L150 x H125 x W40

Linear velocity  :  300mm / sec

Max cutting force  :  330kg

Weight of machine  :  ~450kg

Frame work  :  4″ x 2″ U-channel

Table height 500mm from ground


2-Knife machine  :  MYR16,000 / pc

4-Knife machine  :  MYR24,000 / pc


 Warranty …

1 year on mechanical parts

6 months on electrical parts


WhatsApp  : Tee  00 6 012 323 1161  (Malaysia)


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