Oudh oil 1

Tips applying Oud Oil

There is a way to get your Oud essence lasting longer on you –
If you like it ‘long and loud’, you can put some Oud Oil on the accessories that you are wearing (bracelets, rings) and the inner side of your cuffs and shirt collar (warning: Oud essence will stain your clothes and the scent will last for days on your fabric even after washing!)
As skin absorbs moisture, so will it absorb your Oud faster than when it is applied on static things such as your bracelet and shirts. Though it might last longer on these static items, the scent that will develop will not be as layered and full of depth.
We find that this is due to the skin’s natural elements when reacting with the natural essence of Oud. This wonderful combination of the two properties – your skin and the Oud – will release a more profound and complex layer of Oud scents and notes that are full of depth – more depth than it would have on a surface other than your skin. Unfortunately, this will only be for as long as the Oud essence lasts, but once the drydown kicks in, you will have a scent that will linger for quite some time that leaves you wanting to smell more.


Swipe a healthy, serving of your Oud oil on your wrist with the bottle’s applicator stick


Rub the oil gently with the index finger, leaving a sheen of oil on your wrist


Begin to put some of the Oud which is on your finger between the neck and ear area


Follow the same steps to get the opposite neck area scented with Oud


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