Key compounds

Plantation for Aquilaria trees in combination with artificial agarwood-inducing methods serves as a way to supply agarwood and conserve of wild Aquilaria stock. Agarwood cultivation was increasing especially after several research studies showed that cultivated agarwood could provide feasible benefit. Additionally, the existing agarwood-producing methods require a long time for agarwood formation, meanwhile, the resin produced in a short time in this inducing technique is deemed to be of inferior quality.

In this abstract (a research done by local institute 2018), a collection of inoculated agarwood of 3 Aquilaria species namely …
  • A. crassna,
  • A. sinensis
  • A. subintegra
were investigated for their volatile compounds. The chemical profiles were examined and plotted below …
frim report

In summary, the GC-MS data were interpreted as per respective charts…

parameterparameterparameterThese volatiles compounds extraction was done by Headspace-Solid Phase Microextraction (HS-SPME). All those volatile compounds obtained from these Aquilaria spp. mostly found by others research studies on the chemistry of agarwood oils. This study does NOT conclude that A. subintegra is of lower quality than A.Sinensis, there are few dependent factors need to be considered. As far as cultivated agarwood is concerned, one of the key factor is “man-made inoculant” applied.

source : FRIM 2018

Key compounds in high quality Oudh; namely

  1. 10-epi-γ-eudismol
  2. aromadendrane
  3. β-agarofuran
  4. α-agarofuran
  5. γ-eudesmol
  6. epoxybulnesene
  7. α-guaiene
  8. α-copaene
  9. trans-caryophyllene
  10. δ-guaiene
  11. 4-phenyl-2-butanone   (Volatile aromatic compound : sweet, flowery smell)


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