Poor drainage

Perhaps many of us do not take into account the drainage system in the cultivation of agarwood either small scale or plantation. Agarwood tree roots are very sensitive to stagnant water, that’s why when you see some agarwood seedlings planted in an area easily stagnant with water, the growth of agarwood trees will be stunted, trees start growing shoots will begin to fall, the leaves will yellow, and so leaves will fall, but do not worry ….  trees in this condition will not die only a small number will do if the soil is too wet.

Stagnant water

Poor drainage system, July 2012.

Stagnant water

Shoots will begin to fall, the leaves will yellow, and so leaves will fall

Countermeasure :

1. Improve the drainage system to avoid excessive wet-soil, a 3~4 years tree will not survive if stand above 72 hours in water stagnant condition.

2. As trees have yellow leaves, if the land is water-stagnant, trees may be attacked by fungus (菌类) easily. Use fungicide (active ingredient : Hexaconazole) or other anti-fungus by following the label instruction. Apply Nitrogen (fertilizer) to the tree later to promote growth.

water stagnant

This tree was grown in clay soil, area prone to water-stagnant

3. Apply water soluble foliar spray, coupled with EM ( effective microorganism ) once every 10days, until you see growth of new shoots.


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