Durian Expenses


In the past, we planted durian kampong and waited the durians to fall. Nowadays, we planted Musang King, we need to chase with time to arrange intensive fertilizer programme.

As i told repeatedly, high content of ammonium (NH4) in the granular fertilizer is NOT suitable to cultivate Musang King (read this Ammonium Toxicity). This is simply feeding poison to your trees and you try very hard to recover many possible sicknesses to happen from A to Z. Then, you tell people in the world planting durian is very difficult. Just keep your mouth shut, switch to nitrate base fertilizer and you will keep the problems away silently.

durian 07榴莲土壤灌溉费用 …



如今,我们种植猫山王,我们需要抓紧时间安排密集施肥计划。正如我反复说过的,颗肥料中高含量的铵(NH4)适合种植猫山王。这只是给你的树喂毒,你非常努力地恢复从 A 到 Z 发生的许多可能的疾病。然后,你告诉世界上的人种植榴莲非常困难。 闭上你的嘴,改用硝酸盐基肥,你就会默默地远离这些问题.


榴莲土壤灌溉费用 …


榴莲叶面喷施费用 …

durian 08

durian 09

durian 10

durian 11

durian 12

durian 13

Plot 60D … Edy

Inas A/B/C … Wijaya

Inas E/F … Mus

Plot G1 … Ariff

Plot G2 … Salim

Plot G3 … Rosid

DPG A … Salim

DPG C/D … Salim

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