Kynam harvest …

At present, harvest is carried out within 4~5 years after planting, Kynam woodchips are sold @ USD50/gm ( Sept 2019). But, price in farm is very different from reseller price, so it can be a multiplication of the price by the time it reaches the consumers.

Consumer price … https://www.ebay.com … Green Kynam

Consumer price … https://www.dhgate.com … Green kynam

Consumer price … https://www.aliexpress.com … Green kynam

Consumer price      …………   https://www.etsy.com … Green Kynam

80% of the agarwood import in China is from Vietnam, investors from China have started the Kynam plantations in Vietnam for various reasons, among them, limited land in China and cheaper land in Vietnam, promote Kynam planting in Vietnam. In short, Vietnam has to keep pace with all the phase changes that are taken place in China.

Although some resins are not very mature due to the short planting time, the results are not bad, and the fragrance has revealed the unique domineering and penetrating power of Kynam. Although it is artificially planted Kynam, after all, it is also Kynam, a died lean camel is still larger than the horse … both the scent and aroma are very pleasing.

As time passes, the resin will become more mature, and artificial Kynam will likely replace natural agarwood in large quantities. By then, wild agarwood may be affected, and even the wild agarwood price may fall.

5-year old harvest

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  1. asma says:

    i need kinam seeds

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