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In the world, there are many methods that have been studied and applied to produce agarwood, and each method is effective. However, these known methods are not really effective in the success rate of producing agarwood and agarwood made from these known methods has no natural soothing aroma.

Among the known methods, the biological composition of pathological endophyte used to Aquilaria spp to induce agarwood is now widely applied because it gives better scent despite its lower performance than other known methods.

About inoculant …

  • How to produce inoculant by your own ?
  • What is the cost to produce ?
  • How much to spend on inoculant to generate handsome amount of dollar ?
  • Inoculants range from USD4 ~ 125 per liter in the market ?
  • Experienced operator claimed that performance of inoculant is soil dependent, it works in Thailand but fails in Malaysia, or it works in Pahang but NOT in N.Sembilan ?
  • Is inoculant backyard production or  scientifically produced demanding USD125/L?
  • Possible contamination in the distillation pot without knowing the source of inoculant, distiller may NOT to distill the raw material from 3rd party
  • Growers always get the least profit share, therefore it is necessary to minimize the supply chain

To be independent, reliable supply and MOST importantly cost competitive, inoculant needs to be self-produced. Through practical experience, fine tune of inoculant application should yield higher production of oil, 10~60kg of distillation wood for 6-7 years old trees is known. Thailand is easily 10 years ahead of Malaysia in terms of knowledge with cheaper labour. Growers are resourceful innovating with own inoculant, selling agarwood oil USD85/ tola at retailer price. What is your cost of production if you are “NOT” dependent enough? The only difference is, you tell them you are producing different species with Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. That is the selling point you may offer to your customers to offset the higher production cost of yours. Whether you like it or not, you are OUT if being dependent and uncreative.

Few things cultivator MUST know before conducting inoculation on the trees …

  • Market where you want to sell
  • What the market or buyer wants whether woodchips ; decorations or oil
  • Where is the place to process your inoculated wood
  • Understand the techniques and materials used for inoculation process. This is very important because of the differences in technique and inoculant material will produce different results (refer to GCMS).

Many are frustrated and think it is a useless industry and can not afford lucrative profits as it is said. My humble apologies to quote that .. the average cultivators of this agarwood plant has a shallow experience or no direct experience in the production of agarwood from this tree. The illusion profit is only hovering among entrepreneurs and is only conveyed through words from mouth to mouth without involving a study of the cultivation process and deep harvest of such valuable resources. Eventually, dilemma encountered by many cultivators

  • trees to be sold at a rate of USD30/ year of planting
  • cultivated oil to be sold at USD40/ ml or USD20,000/ liter
  • cultivated wood chips at a price of USD2,000/ kg
  • cost of inoculant is NOT within the cultivators affordability (USD30~50/ tree)

My advise is, leave your trees alone without inoculate if YET to find a buyer. Some of them had even abandoned the farms to the extent of chopping down the trees for disposal. Cultivators should be patient with the agarwood plant and technology development in order to produce acceptable quality to respective customers, rather than producing scrap by default (Monkey See Monkey Do) which its quality itself is even unknown by the cultivators themselves !!

Regardless of its result after inoculation, the high density of black streaks in “cultivated agarwood” doesn’t indicate the high quality of resinous wood resulting by inducement application because genuine agarwood consists of not only oleoresin (a resinous substance) but also volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are key factors in qualifying agarwood. To analysis the content of VOCs in “cultivated agarwood” … click “Oudh quality” for detail …

In summary, your “inoculant + oil distillation method” should yield following result..

parameterFollowing attachment is a sample of GC-MS test report … Technical interpretor will help you to interprete the content of report, deciding if test sample is of ample purity.gcms

Did you ever consider that technique might work for agarwood trees in Thailand might NOT work in Malaysia? For any man-made agarwood inducement, higher dosage is required to those country nearer to Equator, with the denser intensity of sunlight exposure, trees RECOVER at a faster rate in comparison to those area in Chiang Rai or Guangzhou… and always remember there is NO single formulation to cater multiple requests from unique customers, you need to design them (inoculants) to suit your local demand. If you are serious about creating wealth in this industry, being hands-on is vital. Learn to be self-adjust to pay the less to get the best.

Following photo shows you another takeaway of the day, simple and natural rule, for a given inoculant to produce different outcomes … Oil Vs Woodchip …

how to make inoculantCultivated wood by itself is an express man-made agarwood rather than awaiting decades to harvest in the jungle, when U come to inoculation U should NOT have to cut corner further by applying the inoculant at one go, being a reasonable service provider, here it goes without saying … “Multi-stage inoculation

Research funding for inoculants recipe for Agarwood fever

P1-75. Whole tree Inducement Technique ( Agar-WIT )

P2-55. Surface Inducing Technique ( Agar-SIT )

P3-50. Bamboo stick Inducer  … field application click “here

bamboo stick

P4-50. Phytohormone-based inoculant ( Agar-WIT ) … field application clickhere

Plant hormones

P5-30. Thailand secret recipe .. so called “Natural infection without inoculation”

P6-00. Enzyme  ( Catalyst )


P7. Inducing Aquilaria sinensis to produce agarwood

P8. Pathological Endophyte Inducer

P9. Ant-processed Inducer


P10. Unique way to produce Supergrade cultivated agarwood with any given inoculant 

Will you produce 5kg of Grade “C” and knocking customer doors for orders?

Or, to produce 1kg of grade “A” and your door will be knocked?

As i ever wrote “Do NOT produce scrap by default (Monkey See Monkey Do)“. If the market is flooded with the supply, how will you compete yourself to be outstanding from the others? Walk the extra mile, understand one step ahead and deeper, will change your entire method of inoculation.

A woman CAN be everything to one man, but CAN’T be everything to the men. Engaging a contractor to perform the think out of the boxinoculation, is like getting a prostitute for service. A contractor CAN’T satisfy all the customers requirement, he is familiar and comfortable with his own way.

Think out of the box, with the same inoculant, you can produce higher grade of result and EVEN at lower expenses, i repeat, No joke … the clue is “here” but answer is not there.

P11. Bare root delivery (preliminary)

P12. Time taken to cure bare root Kynam seedlings

P13. Philippines 26 March ~ 01 April 2023

P14. Kynam propagation reload

G1. Asia Plantation Capital distillation plant in Johor

Q1. Steam boiler specification ..

Q2. Distillation pot c/w stirrer motor ..

Q3. Is soaking affects yield and compound ..     

Q4. Agarwood distillation plant

Q5. When oil is heavier than water .. “Sinking oil

Q6. Agarwood oil price trend in Thailand

Q7. Profitability of Agarwood

Q8. Perfume / Beauty events

Too complicated to proceed !! Whatsapp me ..

Tee … + 6  012  323 1161

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