Manuring program

There are some forest trees had been developed for their manuring program such as Neem, Teak and Cinnamon. Since Aquilaria plantation is still a fresh forestry investment in Malaysia, many of the growers have implemented individual recipe. Aquilaria is one of the forest tree cultivated for commercial purpose, they do not require much food, that is “protein”. Higher protein might have reverse action to kill the trees. Here is a guideline by CCM Fertilizers, CCM Fertilizers shall not bear any commitment on the statement written by the author, a reference point to consider when implement manuring program.

Agarwood fertilizer

Handbook distriduted to participant in MAHA 2010, Malaysia

Below chart applied to a few forest species as mentioned above.

Agarwood fertilizer

Fertilizer application for established forestry plantation

As Agarwood grower, you may alter the manuring program as per following to suit the planting stage. For immature trees below 2 years, a need to supply adequate nitrogen (N) for growth and phosphorus (P) for root development is observsed in the trend. A high potassium (K) compound is designed for trees susceptible to wind damage and hence there is a need to reduce the phosphorus (P) in relation to potassium (K) for trees 2 years and above.

Agarwood fertilizer

Fertilizer recommendation for Agarwood growers.

Since Agarwood may sound for human consumption, we may switch from inorganic to organic fertilizer at month 37 after planting, where inducement is possible if BHD reaching 4″ and above (not time dependent) and harvesting is expected at month 60~72. Even at year 6 and above there is no requirement to fertilize the trees, just awaiting for harvest or prolong a year or 2 for better quality of end products.

Most fertilizers suitable for feeding are compatible at their dilute concentration.
However, certain chemicals will react at higher concentrations (usually greater than 20x the feed strength) to form insoluble precipitates. These precipitates can tie up the intended nutrients and clog your irrigation equipment. In general, calcium nitrate must not be concentrated with magnesium, phosphorus, or sulfur containing materials. This is the primary reason why calcium is always excluded in any standard fertilizer formulation. For any crops in polybags or pots planting, calcium is always been overlooked.


Liebig’s Law of the Minimum … This law states that a plant’s performance is affected not by the most abundant resource, but by the most deficient one. Essentially, a plant will only yield as much as the least available nutrient allows. Calcium deficiency is among the most common issue to the extend nursery operators have accepted that is the standard way the seedling should grow.

Click here for water soluble fertilizer catered for seedling stage, balance diet with 12 elements.



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