Basic idea

When agarwood trees are damaged either naturally or artificially, fungus enters the tree. As the fungal infection progresses, the tree produces a dark aromatic resin in response to the attack, which results in a very dense, dark, resin embedded heartwood. Agarwood trees could be stressed for producing a dark resinous heartwood when its BHD reaching 4″ as shown.

Drill the tree with electric hand drill.
Aquilaria inoculation

Apply inoculant to the trees.

Agarwood formation checking, by using parang, prior to tree cut down,normally 1~2 years recommended, longer the better.
Aquilaria inoculation

Chop down the Gaharu tree.
Aquilaria inoculation

Cut the trunk into small log.
Aquilaria inoculation

Agarwood logs collected from cultivated farm.
Aquilaria inoculation

Agarwood logs transported by truck for further process.
Aquilaria inoculation

….. delivered to processing plant.
Aquilaria inoculationAquilaria inoculation

Rough process– remove the white / yellowish portion.
Aquilaria inoculation

Products delivered to final carving process.
Aquilaria inoculation

Final carving by expert to finish products, Agarwood.
Aquilaria inoculation

Aquilaria inoculation

Packing and done.
Aquilaria inoculation


2 Responses to Basic idea

  1. Mrs. Veronica K Zatluangi says:

    Where can I buy Innoculant Fungi, please do let me know

  2. Mrs. Veronica K Zatluangi says:

    This is wonderful, I am starting Aguilaria farming

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