Bamboo stick inducer

Bamboo stick

Designed for Sustainable Cultivated Agarwood

Inducement distance between holes … 5~6 inches apart. This is for the purpose of photo shooting, break the bamboo stick to insert to next holes

Bamboo stick inducer

Sample of young formation


Bamboo stick

Forced yield by Bamboo stick — shape of yield is close to natural Agarwood

When Bamboo stick is inserted into tree’s tissue, it provides slow release of inoculant to the vicinity, causing a long period of WAR between tree’s defence mechanism and stress by the inoculant in the wounded bark. Formation of agarwood is a process in nature through the dynamic interaction of trees and continuous stress. Layer of resinous wood is formed gradually, and this agarwood formation becomes thicker if PERFECT environment is matched. If the tree is very healthy, where the TUG-of-WAR is won by the tree’s defence mechanism, than most probably the treated bark will end up in white tissue, where the wounded bark has recovered. On the other hand, if the treated tree is rather weak, external stress by Bamboo stick may seriously damage to the said tree, even causing fatality. Yet not to consider factors caused by nature, different microclimate, soil properties, rainfall and improper storage of bamboo stick etc.

Size of drill bit                :   Diameter 5.5mm or 7/32″ drill

Application                     :   Insertion into 5.5mm or 7/32″ drilled hole

Inducement distance    :   4 ~ 5 inch between holes

Recommended depth    :  1/3 ~1/2 of the tree diameter

Target of inoculation    :  Oil / wood chips

Expected yield               :  5 ~10 grams per hole

Shape of yield                 :   Close to natural Agarwood, easily marketable

Time to harvest             :   18 months after date of inducement, longer the better

No of tree / pack            :   2~3 trees, subjected to drilling depth and density

Length of Bamboo stick    :   8″

Bamboo stick per pack      :  ~160 pieces

Package of 3 different concentrations     :   S / M  /  L  ( compatibility check for 1st application, due to microclimate, soil properties, etc)

Application     :  click “Latest procedure” (PowerPoint Show)

click “Latest procedure”  (PDF)

( Best view with PowerPoint Show )

Recommended inoculation method  :  click Multi-stage”

WhatsApp  : Tee … 00 – 6 – 012 – 323 1161


63 Responses to Bamboo stick inducer

  1. hi.. i love your pruduct and i need to agarwood cultivated
    how about if i wanna buy your stick bambo, are yu can dilevery to sumatera indonesia?

    • tshinkou says:

      Try to get from Indonesia stockist, lessor handling procedure,
      unless otherwise…

      • Johny Thomas says:

        Dear Sir,
        What is the chemical used with bamboo stick inoculation?
        can you supply both bamboo stick and chemical?
        I am from India and I have only one tree of 10 years old, which is flowered recently.
        But I am staying in Oman now.
        can you give training and the materials if come over to your place?

        Please reply

      • tshinkou says:

        The Bamboo sticks had been soaked with high concerntrated inoculant prior to packaging.
        Manufacturers will never disclose their secret … and consumers should not raise this question in the first hand…pls.

      • PA. Hussan says:

        Dear Sir, I am from India, I have more than 300 Agarwood plants, it is nearly time to inoculate, So can i get bamboo stick or you can deliver to India and what will be the cost ? Please reply me asap. My email id is

        Best regards

      • tshinkou says:

        pls whatsapp me..

      • Bishnu Lama says:

        Dear sir as I’m from Bhutan and I have planted 200 nos of agur plants a year ago so can you plez supply me bamboo sticks inculation and the chemical both.if you can plez mail me.

      • tshinkou says:

        pls leave yr trees mature enough, then you consider inoculation. you may whatsapp me for details

    • Hisyam says:

      Come on my dear what so big deal about this bamboo stick? You can buy at less then rm5 per packet in Malaysia supermarket. It’s commonly use by Chinese as chop stick.

  2. Mahruaia says:

    hi there, are there any stockist for your bamboo stick in India, Im from North east state of india

  3. Supriyono says:

    Hi..where I can find bamboo stick inducer distributor in INdonesia? Terima kasih…

  4. nurminto raharjo says:

    Where I can make an order your bamboo stick in Indonesia stockist ?

  5. chris says:

    Are you able to supply this product to Thailand?

  6. Sham says:

    Im from Brunei… Can i order the bamboo stick to Brunei? Thanks.

  7. chandima says:

    Hi , are there any way to buy those sticks , im from sri lanka ,,

  8. Sham says:


    When you say 10 – 30 grams per hole (per stick), is it for the whole 8 inch stick or any length? Because I think in my case most of the trees’ diameters planted here are between 10 cm to 20 cm. So based on the calculation of 1/3 of a diameter of the tree, the penetration would be at 3.3 cm (1.4 inch) for a 10 cm diameter tree to 6.7cm (2.6 inch) for a 20 cm diameter tree.

  9. Maik says:

    Many types of bamboo at my place, which bamboo spices is appropriate.

    • tshinkou says:

      Go to shop/market and buy bamboo chopsticks, then dip into any liduid/inoculant you are comfortable which you think will eventually produce Agarwood, that is the solution.

  10. dev says:

    Hi…dear sir…..i am from sri lanka…i have to agarwood tree..I need to agarwood cultivated how about if I wanna buy your bamboo stick and chemical..are u can dilevery to sri lanka ????? Thank u..

  11. Amnuay says:

    Hello, you stick method very interesting. Do you have contact in Thailand for good organic inoculant for me to try. Can get stick no problem. Thank you. – amnuay

  12. abeey says:

    I like your stuff, is there any possibility for sending me your bamboo stick inducement to India or where can i get it from you. plz reply

  13. Yesh88 says:

    Can you deliver it to Sri Lanka?

  14. dave says:

    Time to harvest : 18 months after date of inducement, longer the better

    What is the outcome if I put leave it on the tree for 20 years?
    Will the agarwood become bigger?

  15. Karma Dendup says:

    plz give me an information regarding the bamboo sticks from were i can get and solutions used and m from Bhutan. plz mail me….tshinkou.

  16. Raheez says:

    I want bamboo stick and I like with your company distribution bamboo stick in India super stockist.

  17. Dear Sir,
    Kindly reply with the price of one pack of bamboo stick inocculant to be delivered in India with shipping charges.

  18. hello I am Interested in buying your product in a large volume if proven successful in our plantation. please get back to me with mode of payment and shipment to my country. India

  19. Ajmal Mohammed says:

    Please give the details of Bamboo stick inoculation process. Can you supply this in India. Quote your price for 100 Nos Bamboo Stick with the chemical.

  20. Suman. says:

    I need more details, I have about 100 plants, about 25yrs old,but were not aware about the artificial incoulation, please advise best product available in India.

  21. Wen says:

    Hi there. We’re keep talking about planting and inducing and the high price in market value. The main question to me is that after all of the planting and inducing, where is the appropriate buyer or company than can buy the said gaharu. I’m tired to find a single buyer

    • tshinkou says:

      the high price of gaharu … applies to natural wood, not cultivated wood. Universal question being asked by many of the gaharu growers… the inoculation operator supposed to help to market the cultivated woods…. or i suggest to leave them untouched… i think the product developement is still limited… and cultivated wood chips quality yet up to incense grade. If someone can produce “natural smell” cultivated wood …. that is the time u opt for that inoculation. Natural and cultivated woods differ a lot in aroma … easily by few miles apart as of current inoculation technology.

  22. KY Chung says:

    Hi sir!

    I’m from Sabah Sandakan.
    I have about 1000 tree of gaharu and some planted about 3-8 years old. Can you teach me how to do the inoculation? Can I have your contact number. I would like to know more about your bamboo stick inoculation method.
    My contact email is

    Thank you and look forward to hear from you soon.

    Beat Regards
    KY Chung
    Sandakan, Sabah,Malaysia

  23. Lanusanen says:

    Hello sir, can you deliver the inducers to india if at all possible?

  24. Azren says:

    What is the brand of the bamboo stick for inducing agarwood?

  25. Pilar says:

    Simply desire to say your article is as surprising. The clearness in your post is simply cool and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the rewarding work.|

  26. CB Selvakumar says:

    How I can purchase bamboo inducer, how much it would cost. I am from India (kanyakumari district)

  27. sukesh says:

    sir i am from india,i owned many agarwood trees amost 6+year can i aply bamboo stick inducer,my whata ap no +918277403199


    I have need Bamboo stick inoculate. Tell me how can i buy its form you or others.?

  29. Meechang Tuie says:

    Any where I can get the bamboo and chemical in Miri?

  30. tshinkou says:

    Nowadays, there are about several tens of inoculants whose composition is kept secret. But in general the main components of inoculant are …. WhatsApp : Tee … 00 – 6 – 012 – 323 1161 , if u are willing to offer for the secret recipe

  31. Peter Mundrau says:

    I have about 70 to 80 agarwood trees planted 10 years ago and i’m trying to induce them. Can I have the price of the bamboo stick and a contact to negotiate the payment and logistics of the sticks to me in Manus province, Papua New Guinea.

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  33. Than Htay says:

    I would like to get formula liquid inoculation to made bamboo stick inoculation. I am willing to pay researcher fund.

  34. Supriyono says:

    I have interest to buy bamboo inducers…Could you please infor me your stockist in Indonesia? Thanks

  35. Eranda says:

    I have matured 195 trees of aquivalariya cressna, please let me know whether it is suitable for that?
    I am in sri lanka.

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