Important points when purchasing agarwood seeds


There are multiple requests from overseas for agarwood seeds delivery to countries such as Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and India.

I basically will be able to supply seeds only locally or hand carry when customers visit me in Malaysia. Reasons being, fresh seeds ONLY will be supplied, and you need prompt attention to handle the seeds in shorter time.

If the seeds were to deliver through air-shipment, ALWAYS the seeds ended up in custom clearance, confiscated by custom or it took weeks for clearance.

There are number of criteria, you as a seed-buyer need to be aware, to minimize the bad quality of seeds supplied by the sellers …

1. There are 7000 ~ 8000 seeds / Kg. ( Applied to Sinensis, Crassna, Sub-integra)

If the seeds are smaller, you will have more seeds, it means it is from younger mother trees.

If the seeds are lighter, you will have more seeds, it means the seeds might be aging, losing its moisture content.

2. Look for fresh seeds


It is NOT possible for the seeds colleectors to provide fresh seeds entirely, however the above-mentioned criteria will be served as a base line to minimize irresponsible supply of bad quality of seeds.


Further reading …

In Malaysia and China, growers no longer practice seed-planting, read this …


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  1. hello. we need aquilaria malaccensis seeds here in the Philippines and we understand that germination capacity is within only one week. we are willing to visit you there in malaysia to personally collects the seeds.
    can you provide CITES permit?

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