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Inoculant recipe

Knowledge plays a part in everything we do. It can help you make better decisions, take better care of your agarwood plantation and much more. Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” He knew the … Continue reading

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Bamboo stick inducement

Many of us ask when to do inoculation?? Whenever the tree trunk reaches 4″ at breast high diameter (BHD), it is considered mature enough to perform inoculation regardless of any method available nowadays. Could it be liquid inoculation or Bamboo … Continue reading

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Wild trees ready for inoculation

Country   :    Indonesia Species      :    Malaccensis Diameter   :  >30cm Height       :  >30M top

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ICU inoculation — leafs fall

15 Jan 2013, artificial inoculation to the tree will stress the tree. Leafs started to fall in the first week, some say 30% in common. top

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ICU inoculation

07 Jan 2013, i had my first liquid inoculation on one of my 17-month old Sinensis tree. This inoculant was purchased from one of the booth in MAHA 2012. I drilled a 6mm hole, 2″ depth and 300ml inoculant was … Continue reading

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2nd bamboo stick inducement, Banting, Selangor.

2 trees were induced on 23/10/12, having BHD 5″ and 5.7″. They were Crassna tree, planted about 55 months ago in Banting, Selangor. Bamboo sticks were used since it is proven one of the method to produce end prodoct for … Continue reading

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>30 year-old Malaccensis inducement

25/09/12 induced with Bamboo stick, partially on a >30 year-old Malaccensis tree, we stressed at one of the side branch, we will be back in 3 months time to observe the progress.   top

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Scaffolding ease the work

Agarwood tree inducement could be ease with scaffoding installation . Since it is detachable and portable, it is very convenient for Agarwood farmer to own a set. This farm is in Chiangrai,and the  trees are 23-years old, cultivated farm .  … Continue reading

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