ICU inoculation

07 Jan 2013, i had my first liquid inoculation on one of my 17-month old Sinensis tree. This inoculant was purchased from one of the booth in MAHA 2012. I drilled a 6mm hole, 2″ depth and 300ml inoculant was dripped into the stem. This tree is young, its diameter 3.8″ measured about 1 feet above ground.

The inoculant was completely absorded within the next 24 hours.

Very young tree, 17 months old, 07 Jan 2013

3.8″ diameter, 1 feet above ground

6mm drilled hole, 2″ depth, 300ml inoculant

Tree planted Aug 2011, photo taken 07 Jan 2013


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4 Responses to ICU inoculation

  1. Stanley Avarui says:

    Thanks, I need to know. Is there any equipment used to suck or extract oil from a life tree that is still standing on the ground?
    Where can I purchase the inoculation treatment?

    • tshinkou says:

      no…i have not seen yet such method to extract.

      There are many inoculants in the market, different inoculants yield different end results

  2. Ranjit Timung says:

    Pls tell about in details process

  3. Greg Banga says:

    Interesting, please contact me via Need more advice from you. By the way, I’m from Papua New Guinea. Thanks

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