Species and distribution

Aquilaria species that produce agarwood

  • Aquilaria khasiana, found in Pakistan & India.
  • Aquilaria apiculina, found in Philippines
  • Aquilaria acuminata, found in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia & Philippines
  • Aquilaria baillonil, found in Thailand and Cambodia
  • Aquilaria baneonsis, found in Vietnam
  • Aquilaria beccariana, found in Indonesia
  • Aquilaria brachyantha, found in Malaysia
  • Aquilaria crassna found in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam
  • Aquilaria cumingiana, found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines

Click here for detail …” Agarwood-producing tree species

8 Responses to Species and distribution

  1. Abhilash says:

    any distributor available in India..?

  2. Belle says:

    Any distributor or supplier in philippines?

  3. Gary Cpe says:

    Where or who can I buy seeds or seedlings of Malaccensis in Malaysia?

  4. Claudio Gumanoy says:

    You have already seeds distributor here in Manila?
    How to order, you can provide requirement document to ship here.

    How much per kilo of Aguillaria Crassna and Mallacensis?


  5. Buenas noches deseo adquirir semillas de aquilaria malacensys envio a colombia

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