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  1. Harold Fernando says:

    I am a Sri Lankan Engineer. I expect to cultivate some aquilaria specie in 25 Acres land. Please inform me the availability of seeds,total price per kg including air freight charges and tax, minimum quantity, name of the aquilaria speci, and the suitable climate.

  2. tshinkou says:

    Normally seeds start to lose their germination capacity within one week, or max 10 days
    Germination rate 80~90% within one week. This indicates that the seed storage of Aquilaria is very difficult and should be sourced from very reliable supplier. There are many factors may cause jeopardise during its delivery process, custom clearance may be another major problem albeit having CITES documentation. Therefore, we could not fullfil your requirement.

  3. Rohana pushpakumara says:

    It’s very good

  4. Kimchee Jong says:

    Thank you very much! You blog is very information. How and where I can learn to differential various species of Aquilaria?

    • tshinkou says:

      By google more in the web and visiting gaharu farms… you should recognise them slowly but you have to accumulate the infos, they are all scatter around in the net.

  5. Kimchee Jong says:

    Thanks for your reply! Is there any chance to pay you a visit in Mantin?

  6. Hasan says:

    your Blog is very useful.Can these trees be cultivated in dry regions like in middle east countries if proper fertile soil and adequate water is made available.what is soil quality required & quantity of water required required and also the minimum land area required.

    • tshinkou says:

      they are not demanding … soil having pH 4~7 and adequate of water will do.
      It is a good idea if someone will try planting the gaharu in Middle east.

  7. Johny Thomas says:

    dear Sir,
    I have a Agaar tree of 10 years old in India.
    Recently it flowered too. Can you advice how to do artificial agar wood induction.

  8. XIn Ru says:

    Dear Sir,

    Would like to know do you buy agarwood tree? are your plantation in MAntin?

  9. Tomastan says:

    My name is Tomas from Malaysia. May I have your contact number

  10. Kumar says:

    I am interested to enquire on the innoculum, especially ther Bamboo stick. Are you still selling them? Is it possible to visit your farm? Thanks

  11. Kumar says:

    My contact no is 012 2099675. Tks Kumar

  12. Suman. says:

    HI can you please advise your contact details in India.

  13. Sami Deen says:

    Hi! I’m Sami from Kuala Lumpur. I want to visit your farm regarding the Kayu Gaharu. I would be grateful to have your contact number.
    Thank you

  14. Hans says:

    Hallo Sir! Your site is really very informative. I live in a tropical environment, but 1300m altitude. Is this too high, despite that all other factors like temperature 20° – 35° Celsius and humidity 50 – 70% look optimal all year around?

  15. aureen says:

    any buyers here? i have my own agar and looking for good buyer I am also looking for the best quality of inaculant..

  16. Angie A. Atienza says:

    Dear Sir, I am looking into farming agarwood and I have been following your blogs. I have read a lot of good information. Thank you for your sharing.

  17. KOH TENG HWEE says:

    We have 400,000 Hectare of virgin jungle approved by th government and Aquilaria trees are in abandunce. We are looking for reliable Inoculation Techniques, how can you provide and possibly collaboration?

  18. Jonathan R Rosado says:

    I am looking to invest in Aquilaria in the state of Florida is it possible for this plant to grow in this tropical climate?

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