Quality versus Quantity

Is Malaysia much advanced than Thailand and how is agarwood industry in Malaysia ?

In Malaysia, many agarwood cultivators kayaking themselves in the middle of the ocean, being too expensive to pay for inoculant or leave the agarwood farm unattended. I posted this page in 2013 .. https://gaharujinkou.com/2013/07/29/agarwood-investors-or-growers-must-read/

Sharks are killed for its fins, and discarding the rest of the shark back into the ocean … because the rest of the shark has little value relative to that of its fins. This analogy applies in the following ..


in agarwood industry, NOT the entire tree will yield marketable quality woodchip. Performing inoculation in one go is like harvesting the entire shark and demanding supreme shark fin price for the entire fish, which drives buyers away to Thailand instead of Malaysia. For those new comers (Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines) venturing into agarwood industry, my advise .. don’t be “monkey see monkey do”. Highly possible the one who you meet may NOT explore you enough about inoculation’s harvests. Needless to say, if he is one of the inoculation service providers …

.. to be sustainable and profitable in agarwood industry, this is how Thailand is practising, Oud oil USD5,000 / kg in Thailand Vs USD12,000 / kg in Malaysia. Being a wise consumer, where do you want to go ?

Click this link .. https://gaharujinkou.com/natural-infection/

Conclusion, in terms of economic value and quality, inoculation may not be a good solution to be precisely pronounced.

For ordinary agarwood species, patience and knowhow are equally required to selectively produce marketable quality woodchip.

Ah T

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