Natural infection

Thailand secret recipe .. so called “Natural infection without inoculation” ??                    This is Agarwood Industry’s Turning Point happening in Thailand … PHASE I

In Thailand, there are Agarwood cultivators do not inoculate their trees with any inoculant. Trees are normally selected above 12 years old. Drilling will be applied to the trees trunks as usual, and trees will be left for 4~6 years before harvesting for oil. It is left to infection by nature… Wao, can you believe that?

It looks very weird, the raw materials prepared for oil distillation do not look to be encouraging at all, if you personally see the woods … 60% with slight infection, 40% white wood as you see in the following photo.


distillation wood

distillation wood.jpgSurprisingly they can produce good quality of oud, average selling price at Thb3000/tola. This sounds good since the traditional expenses on inoculation is eliminated.


Pay the less ..  but .. get the best

How do they do that? As i wrote, pre-condition required

  • Minimum 12-year tree
  • 4-6 years agglutinating time
  • drilling of trunk as usual
  • target for oud production

I have been wondering why these established distillers in Thailand are not interested in promoting their inoculant, they are focusing in the end products, ie oud oil and wood chip. Just like a magic, if you know the trick, thing is easy as 123. If you don’t, it will just crack your head. But, will a magician tell you the trick to break his rice bowl?

natural infection

Agglutinating time.jpg

natural infection

You may, to apply some kind of liquid which is COMPLETELY organic, edible for sure. For instance, by injecting human urine.

Natural infection is …

  • Straight forward but labor-intensive
  • EFFECTIVE with quality oud

Being an inoculant service provider will not be ready to disclose his recipe. In Malaysia, we pay USD30~40/tree below 10 years old (excluding labour) which makes it commercially completely unattractive. In Thailand, USD2/ tree above 10 years old (excluding labour). A very distinguished way of doing in Malaysia and Thailand, we need to judge which way will be profitable to your pocket. I told repeatedly, as an agarwood cultivator, you need to understand the entire agarwood business. Going for 3rd party inoculant in big farm is no joke while awaiting for the harvest … and whatever it is, the bottom line is,

quality needs time to accumulate.