Seaweed (Green)

seaweed green


Chlorella extract is made from the raw material of bull algae, which is pre-treated by blanching and re-greening, and then extracted by enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain an extract with a green appearance, which preserves the natural biological active substances in seaweed that are beneficial to plant growth and development to the greatest extent.


The main components of green algae essence are natural bio active substances extracted from seaweeds that are beneficial to plant growth and development and mineral nutrients absorbed by seaweeds from the ocean and enriched in the body, including seaweed polysaccharides, phenolic polymer compounds, mannitol, Betaine, plant growth regulators (cytokinin, gibberellin, auxin, and abscisic acid, etc.) and trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and iron, boron, molybdenum, and iodine.


1. 全水溶的绿色叶面肥;

2. 以进口的智利南极公牛藻为原料,是天然生物刺激素;

3. 采用高压酶解工艺,无人工激素添加;

4. 完全保留植物生长所需的所有活性物质,分子量小,直接吸收,完全利用;

Main feature..

1. Fully water-soluble green foliar fertilizer;

2. Using imported Chilean Antarctic bull algae as raw material, it is a natural biostimulant;

3. Using high-pressure enzymatic hydrolysis process, no artificial hormones are added;

4. Completely retain all active substances required for plant growth, with small molecular weight, direct absorption and complete utilization;


1. 提高光合作用和促进碳水化合物的产生;

2. 促进根系生长,提高坐花坐果率,促进果实膨大、着色、早熟、增甜,增产增收;

3. 调节植物新陈代谢,促进作物产生免疫蛋白,提高作物抗逆和免疫能力;

4. 提高作物的的抗氧化性、诱导性及抗寒性能,能够延缓作物衰老,延长采收期;

5. 减轻农药药害,兼具一定的修复作用,对受伤的植物组织进行愈合和修复.


1. Improve photosynthesis and promote carbohydrate production;

2. Promote root growth, improve the rate of flower setting and fruit setting, promote fruit enlargement, coloration, early maturity, sweetening, and increase yield and income;

3. Regulate plant metabolism, promote crop production of immune proteins, and improve crop resistance and immunity;

4. Improve the antioxidant, inducibility and cold resistance of crops, delay crop senescence and prolong the harvest period;

5. Alleviate pesticide damage, have a certain repairing effect, and heal and repair injured plant tissue.


Recommendation dosage :

Foliar spray : 1.0gm / 2 ~ 3 L

Soil drench  : See Black Seaweed

Unit price   :    MYR1000 / 20Kg

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