Formulation  :  Wettable granules

Type  :  Contact / Systemic / Translaminar

IRAC  :  9C

Target Pests : Aphids, Thrips, Whiteflies

Speed of Action : Fast / Medium / Slow

Mode Of Action : Target pests come in contact or ingestion provoking rapid and irreversible feeding cessation. Pests could remain on the plant until they desciccate. Feeding and damage stops after 1 hour of exposure and mortality after 2 – 4 days

Singly application of Flonicamid will not yield rapid effect of pests removal, pests could remain on the plant, which confuse farmers about its effectiveness. therefore it is recommended to tank mix with other pesticide for better result. Flonicamid is efficacious against sucking insects only. There is no activity against chewing insects such as beetles and caterpillars. Flonicamid has no negative impact on pollinating insects or natural enemies, and thus, flonicamid will provide a new option for integrated pest management programs.

Recommended application : This product is integrated with acetamiprid 12WG

Recommended dosage  :  3gm / 20 Liter