Formulation  :  Suspension concentrate

Type  :  Contact / Systemic / Translaminar

IRAC  :  21A

Ovicidal  : Yes / No

Target Pests : Aphids, Thrips, Leafhoppers

Speed of Action : Fast / Medium / Slow

Mode Of Action : Tolfenpyrad was registered July 2010 for the control of aphids, leafhoppers, scales, thrips, whiteflies, and early instar lepidopter an larvae on ornamental horticulture crops grown in greenhouses. Efficacy for beetles and borers was variable, but good to excellent efficacy was observed for thrips populations. This product is highly toxic to bees and other pollinating insects exposed to direct treatment or residues on blooming crops or weeds.

Recommended application : If using Tolfenpyrad in water soluble packaging, do not tank mix Tolfenpyrad that contains boron, chromium, or other micronutrients.

Referance  :

Recommended dosage  :  15ml / 20 Liter