Complimentary gifts

Free gifts will be given to each participant participating the Study tour program. However Admin will NOT bear the Checked luggage charges.

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Checked baggage fees by AirAsia

AirAsia’s checked baggage fees differ depending on the country that you’re travelling to. For example, the checked baggage fee for domestic flights starts from RM25.50 (15kg) while the fees for international flights start from RM45 (20kg).

You can save on baggage charges by pre-booking baggage online at during the booking process or via Manage My Booking after you have booked your tickets. … If you UPSIZE or SUPERSIZE your baggage online four hours or more before scheduled departure, you can save at least 50% on charges.

If actual baggage weight is less than the pre-booked weight, fees paid are non-refundable. Baggage weight is transferable from one guest to another, if they are traveling on the same itinerary.

You can check the various Fees and Charges by AirAsia “here

Can I Carry Liquids in My Checked Baggage?


2 Responses to Complimentary gifts

  1. Mysteries says:

    I find your itinerary comprehensive, but providing participants with 5 litres of innoculant at the end, may not work with every newbie. Your tour is meant to help newbies before we merely follow our impulses…

    Not all passionate newbies want to farm agarwood and take on the whole works. We surely want to get an overview of the industry, and then perhaps decide to delve only in distillation or trading of agarwood produce.. You know what I mean?

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