Boron () is one of the most widespread micronutrient deficiency and causes large losses in crop productivity and nutrient density in plants. Boron deficiencies affects vegetative and reproductive growth in plants, causing an inhibition of cell development, death of meristematic tissues and poor soil fertility.


Crops susceptible to lack of Boron ..

Correcting Boron Deficiency
Boron deficiency can be remedied by correct and timely application of solid or liquid B-fertilizers. Various products available to supplement crops with boron as following.
Hibor 60 is a superior source of boron among them, due to its …
I.     higher solubility
II.   higher content of boron
III. neutral pH
… in comparison to boric acid.

                                                     MYR12 / 500gm

                                                       MYR100 / 5Kg

                                     WhatsApp  : Tee … 012-323 1161


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