Nursery bag

As a commercial grower  …. you are out of date, if you are still using multiple pot germination trays.

Growing seedlings in the 104-tray is a very common practice for growers in  Malaysia. Each hole of 104-tray holds only 35ml in volume. According to the modern concept of nursery, a bigger container and substrate is a key factor in nurturing good seedlings. In plastic or other difficult material for the root to penetrate through, the seedlings bounce to root problem is inevitable. Root problem seedlings, will lead to weaker holding to growing medium, space to absorb water and nutrients is very small, resulting in slower growth, poor and so on to all kinds of resistance, these integrated consequences that led to senescence of plant eventually.

Therefore proper selection of nursery bag is a successful criteria in seedlings preparation. Now a single, easy to penetrate, easy to decompose, has become a mainstream nursery containers for such solution, having numerous advantages for the growers.


Insertion of chilli seeds … using 51-seedling tray as a holding container


Chilli .. Day 10th


Chilli .. day 10th


Cili .. day 10th .. roots have penetrated the bag


Eggplant .. day 23rd

Advantages of  nursery bag ..

1.The bag can be planted directly, without tearing the bag, no root injury during transplant, highly increase rate of survival of seedlings.

Nursery bag

3 times bigger in volume than traditional 104-tray

2. For those difficult to transplant species, it is particularly advantageous, eg chilli.

3. It is not affected by season, climate, and therefore transplant period is greatly extended.

4. This nursery bag has excellent water permeability, making water and nutrient penetration and does not rot the roots.

5. Earlier time to harvest by 7~10 days for eggplant in comparison to traditional method of using 104-seedling tray.

Specification ..

Diameter after filling    :  Ø4.5cm
Nominal height   :  H8.5cm

8,000pcs    :   MYR0.028/pc

16,000pcs  :  MYR0.026/pc

24,000pcs  :  MYR0.024/pc


WhatsApp  : Tee … 012-323 1161


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