Indecisive situation

One proverb says “A woman can satisfy only to one man but can not satisfy every men”.


Whatever you do, people will always find something new to say. If you venture into Gaharu business, this universal problem will hit you, always you find problem with people opinions. If you pay too much attention to others, you are not managing yourself. Indecisive condition will drag you further, firm to your own decision after having analyzed those inputs you gained from the senior.

There are always lots of way doing something, just a matter you do it long way or through short-cut. A long way does not mean a wrong way and short-cut does not represent a proper method. You will reach the destination eventually. No one will judge this way is wrong or right. Choose a way that you feel comfortable and reasonable, you proceed, after all perfect does not exist in the imperfect world.


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  1. Love this. Same goes for my world of education; especially the work I do with humans and horses – Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy. The best lesson my herd teaches their students is to find their own way, be authentic, and listen to the wisdom of heart and gut above that of the mind.

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