Looking for Agarwood seeds


Agarwood seeds season in Thailand is coming … from end of April until end of June. Agarwood seeds have its harvesting season, in Thailand from May to June, or late by July.

Picture3The seeds will last only 7~10days from the day of collecting, any delay will affect the germination rate very much. Some people keep the seeds in controlled temperature environment to prolong the storage, maximum is 2 months. The seeds are not good. But, trader will not tell you this.


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11 Responses to Looking for Agarwood seeds

  1. Jackrey Engas says:

    I to know more about cultivating … I have planted more then 3000 eagle wood but have no idea hove to inject the trees … The plants I have here in my farm is being brought in from Vietnam … Please I need your support in assisting me with good advice how to do it right and get the good result at the end … Iam from Papua New Guinea ( PNG ) thank you regards… Jackrey .

  2. thapa4676 says:

    Hello sir actually then who buys these cultivated agarwood products?

  3. nabil Ahmad says:

    We buy agarwood seedlings and seeds.

  4. JOy Mariano says:

    i would like to buy seeds with CITES?

  5. Will it thrive in the Philippines? How much will it cost me for the seeds and shipment.

  6. Indika says:

    I need to purchase 100kg of Agarwood seeds…pls advice me

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