Plant growth regulators and simulatants

Welcome to the revolution!

All plants regulate their growth, development, and behavior by Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) Hormones, which in most cases move through the plant from one part to another. Fertilizer provides fuel for plants to grow, but doesn’t force them to do so. Hormonal signaling dictates the the plant to do so, and the fertilizer is like the ‘gasoline’ fuel (energy) to carry out such signaling.Think of it as fertilizer is the fuel, where hormones are the gas pedal (or brake pedal) of various plant growth characteristics.

Plant hormones

Appropriate usage of PGR accelerates the plant growth

By treating plants with PGR’s you can not only alter the ways they grow, you can boost their growth at the same time. The reason is because it requires plant energy to synthesize these signaling phytohormone chemicals. This requires energies that during treatment spares the plants from needing to ‘waste’, meaning more of the energies the plants have access to are spent on the actual growth that the PGR’s are signalling the plants to do.

There are many kinds of plant growth regulators and simulators in the market, below-listed items are only a small portion of them to share. It’s the hydro-store, and the nutrient companies, job to hype their products and stick pretty pictures on their bottles, so you are willing to spend the premium dollars on their products.

… do not ask me about the formula and dosage to blend your formula.. i will not be responsible for any consequence caused. As a thumb of rule, always start at lower dosage to your plant prior to mass application.

Plant hormones

Gibberellic acid … GA3

Salicylic acid

Indole Butyric Acid … IBA

Naphthyl acetic acid … NAA

6-Benzylaminopurine … 6BA

Jasmonic acid


Sodium nitrophenolate ( Atonik )


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