Articial fire method

I received many requests from gaharujinkou readers about inoculants, today i want to share with you a natural method to produce natural agarwood …..

it is to burn the live agarwood tree with a large fire, forcing the agarwood tree to be injured. It looks very cruel, but it does not let the agarwood tree die, so the agarwood tree will mobilize the resin secreted by the immune system to heal the fire, and eventually form agarwood.

The method originates from the process of natural fire or lightning strike, and is suitable for the older agarwood tree, which is an extension of the peeling method. In practice, agarwood trees with a body age of more than 6 years and a breast diameter of 25 cm or more can be selected.

The bark is first peeled off from the base of the tree until the height of 2/3 of the whole tree. Leave the leaves on the top, use a gas torch to burn the whole agarwood tree and burn it black; then wrap the tree with a plastic film to prevent water loss. fire method

After 5-8 months, when you see the tree begins to burst, you can cut the tree and take the resinous wood. Remove the coke from the tree and see a layer of agarwood at a distance of 0.8-1.0 cm from the tree.

This fire method is claimed to be the only physical method in the agarwood producing that can produce a close aroma to kynam!! The disadvantage is that if damage to the tree is serious, it is easily to cause the death of the tree.

Be EXTREME alert with safety precaution … blame me NOT … for causing fire in your farm !!!

Source of info : China


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