Seaweed (Black)


产品功效 ..

1. 促进根系生长,根系发达.

2. 增加叶片面积和扩大光合作用,促进果实膨大、促进着色、提高含糖量、改善品质;

3. 促进叶芽、花芽分化、提高授粉座果率、提高产量.

4. 增强作物对病虫害、干旱、冻害、涝害的抗逆能力。海藻精中还含有天然抗生素,具有抗病毒的作用.

Seaweed essence is made from Ascophyllum rubra as the main raw material through degradation and concentration process. It is rich in seaweed polysaccharides and oligosaccharides, mannitol, seaweed polyphenols, betaine, natural auxin, iodine and other natural active substances and seaweed medium and trace elements and other nutrients, no pungent chemical smell, slight seaweed smell, no residue.

Benefits ..

1. Promote root growth and develop root system.

2. Increase leaf area and expand photosynthesis, promote fruit expansion, promote coloring, increase sugar content, and improve quality;

3. Promote leaf bud and flower bud differentiation, improve pollination and fruit setting rate, and increase yield.

4. Enhance the resistance of crops to pests and diseases, drought, freezing and water logging. Seaweed essence also contains natural antibiotics, which have anti fungal effects.


Recommendation dosage :

Foliar spray : See Green Seaweed

Soil drench  : 1.0gm / 2 ~ 3 L


Unit price   :    MYR800 / 25Kg

WhatsApp : Tee … 012-323 1161


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